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Sharp PN70SC5 70" IDP LED touch monitor

  • STORT PEGEFELT til Undervisningssteder og virksomhedsmiljøer
  • 70" (176,6 cm) diagonal screen size
  • Infrared (IR) 6-point touch - up to 2 users
  • Sharp’s acclaimed Pen Software for intuitive writing, drawing and annotation
  • Sharp's unique UV2A LCD technology for high visual clarity
  • Smooth and hard-wearing antiglare coating with scratch resistance
  • Two built-in stereo loudspeakers (2x10W) which clearly and effectively fill larger classrooms.
  • Optional SHARP Touch Display Link 2.0 Software for latest BYOD wireless inter-connectivity

The Sharp BIG PAD PN-70SC5 is the ideal model for higher education campuses and corporate office applications. Offering state-of-the-art collaboration with outstanding price performance, Sharp’s next generation 70” BIG PAD is optimized for the campus and SME environment to enhance communication and create the best conditions for effective collaboration.

Whether in a classroom or a meeting room, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep everyone focused and engaged. That's where Sharp's innovative BIG PAD PN-70SC5 comes in. The generous Full HD 70" touchscreen monitor lets you display, create and collaborate with ease and precision.

The acclaimed, smart and intuitive pen software opens up new ways for brainstorming, sharing ideas and finalizing decisions. Powerful, flexible and surprisingly cost-effective, the latest Sharp BIG PAD PN-70SC5 provides an outstanding platform to either boost collaboration, enhance audience impact, or simply increase meeting effectiveness in the corporate office or campus environment.